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"the oni's feast has begun. humans, beware."
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I hope I live long enough to see a camera made that can take a picture of the exact same thing the human eye sees

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I like that post I just reblogged with the wrestler and the dril tweet because it is ranyakumo on multiple levels:

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No matter how hard I try I cannot care much about pc-98 and it makes me feel like a failure of a touhou fan

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terribly important


the theme for precure splash star is supposed to be a japanese idiom for beauty in nature  ”flower, bird, wind, moon”

 but personally, i think the theme is actually “80s rock aesthetic”




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here’s a protip to my followers who are making fun of/disregarding the fact that #pissbaby is an abelist term:

you’re not fucking funny :-)

Please dont use the emote :-) it is ableist as it mocks people with serious nose injuries


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i was on my ds during free period and i streetpassed my sub and this is his message im going to shit myself
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Why do we have so many posts about “being white/straight/cis/male is okay!! UvU” on this website

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that

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Apparently that game wasnt intended to be pro-life but the comment everyone is passing around still definitely reads to me like support of like, not aborting

Especially the “IF THE WOMAN WENT AGAINST ALL PRESSURES AND KEPT HER CHILD…” thing like yeah no more often than not people are pressured into keeping their pregnancies not vice versa

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Lol not wanting to support ppl with harmful views is ~ridiculous~ now

luv it

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Ey you know that post where the dude was like…talking abt some discussion he was in and a black woman says to a white woman “see when you look in a mirror you see a woman but when I look in a mirror I see a black woman b/c privilege is invisible to those who have it” and the dude goes “oh my god when I look in a mirror I see a human”

Does anyone have a handy link to that I’m talking abt it with someone but I can’t find it on my blog

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cis people when they see a character interpreted as trans: um excuse me but that is not canon???i know because i am the keeper of the Sacred Canon and u are violating that???how dare
cis people when confronted with a canon trans character, who is stated in canon to be trans, because they are trans goddammit: it's ok to headcanon this character however u like uwu don't be mean about it umu it's just a preference!! stop being cisphobic
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abuse mention
seriously like....



the “you live with your parents” insult is really flaccid because a metric shitton of cultures don’t see “leave the house forever” as some grandiose moment of liberation that’s so important to the development of a person that it has to happen as fast as possible. until i came to the USA i didn’t know a single person who was pressured by their parents to leave the house because they’re “too old to stay there” or whatever. in puerto rico it is really common to stay with your parents until they and you are both stable enough that you can leave. whaddaya know, there are cultures that don’t place a stigma on being poor or wanting to care for your family or needing your family to care for you for some other reason.

not to mention abusive parents often hold food, money, and housing over ur head and can make u feel guilty about leaving the environment they’ve carefully constructed to work almost entirely in their favour, so, like…