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"the oni's feast has begun. humans, beware."
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dude: way if we pees form buts


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bureau of felicitations

you really miss a big part of the experience if you play r07 games with ~patched sprites~

and i dont mean just “you get to laugh at them” i mean they were part of the original game and it is a different experience playing with ps3 sprites and scenes than it is playing w/ original sprites

you dont see people making art patches for touhou…

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*logs on to twitter* ahhh the sweet smell of stolen text posts


(Fuente: breakingbag)

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hoozuki no reitetsu
my son

nasubi and karauri, best friend minions! imma draw more of them in a bit, they’re so cute.
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god i can see my last post on the computer now and jesus christ chrome you are terrible at kerning japanese

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Our dialogue features the words 日光【にっこう】に (nikkou ni)

Considering we’re all first years and don’t have the best grasp on っ and long vowels

You can imagine

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i’m gonna draw ayanito all day today once i finish my homework i’ve decided this

umm. i should pack first though. shit.

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sixballjones replied to your post: ok so it’s officially the dog days of …

is that hot or cold.

that’s 19 degrees celsius

considering it’s summer and usually its uhhh. 100F


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bureau of felicitations

ok so it’s officially the dog days of summer now and it’s 66F outside



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bureau of felicitations

i only attend my college for the aesthetic

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Antioch College
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ive been using latex since junior year and not once have i used it for anything serious
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bureau of felicitations

the word “cisgendered” is in the yuugi tag

thank you SO much guys